International Men of Mystery

On my quest to find true love, I’ve expanded my search to include international markets.   This sounds exotic and adventurous, but really it’s only proven to me that idiots exist in all shapes in sizes on the shores of every country. 

Take this poor guy we’ll call “Fernando”.  He sent me a lovely message today, and really – what well-educated, self-respecting woman could say no to this??  FYI – I have not altered the grammar or punctuation.  This is what I actually received (and it was the third of its kind).

Still havent decided yet Come on talk to me
I don`t play game I`m 34 years old I “m  looking for serious relationship
i would like to have make a family and kids
don`t worry about distance If you accept me I will come over there for you
I like you if you are still single? or if you want to make a family and kids
Love “Fernando”

Well sure!  Ok, “Fernando”, let’s go make family and kids!  That sounds like everything I’ve always wanted in life.  Who wouldn’t??

I felt a picture would best represent how I feel about romantic love at the moment, and its endless possibilities for disappointment.  This was previously posted on my picture a day blog back in April.

a.k.a Jaded International Dater


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Adrienne
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 01:19:20

    Dear Jaded,

    Don’t lose hope you will find love someday you are intellegent, adventurous and strong…not to mention beautiful! The right man just hasn’t crossed your path.

    Love, A


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